About this Cookbook

A Farm to School Cookbook
This cookbook is about the celebration of healthy fresh food for our students grown by Oklahoma farmers. Our farmers are vital to our community food systems and school food service is what links the farmers with the students through the Farm to School program. This book was developed to help provide great recipes that are time and cost efficient, healthy, and use the flavorful, fresh produce grown in our state.

Cabbage grown at Peachcrest Farms School kids enjoying local grown watermelon School kids enjoying local grown watermelon

Getting Started
Buying locally grown produce not only benefits the school, but the local grower as well. Get tips for purchasing produce from a local grower.

Food Safety Tips
Schools across the nation are using gardens to help children discover where food comes from and to develop healthy eating habits. Read the latest in food safety and tips.

Selecting, Storing and Preparing Oklahoma Produce in the Food Service Kitchen
Learn how to care for and store the produce once you have it in your kitchen.

Browse the many healthy recipes for both schools and families.