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Getting Started: Tips for Purchasing Fresh Produce From a Local Grower »
Buying locally grown produce not only benefits the school, but the local grower as
well. It encourages students to eat more healthfully by incorporating a variety of
fresh fruits and vegetables into their daily eating habits. It provides opportunities
for those students to learn where their food comes from, who grows the food they are
eating and even how to prepare those foods in simple recipes, so they can also enjoy
the fresh foods at home.

How to Ensure Buying Local Will Be a Success at Your School »
Once your school makes the decision to buy locally grown produce, here are some tips to  help ensure that program will be successful.

Selecting, Storing and Preparing Oklahoma Produce in the Food Service Kitchen »
This section covers all the vegetables and fruits discussed in this book and how to take care of them once they’ve been purchased.

Safe Handling of Farm-Fresh Produce »
Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy, well-rounded diet. With more fresh produce items being incorporated into school meals throughout the country, the emphasis on safe handling and preparation of these produce items is even more important.

How to Assemble a Kitchen Cart for Classroom Cooking »
Call it a Kitchen Cart, Mobile Kitchen Cart or Mobile Classroom Cooking Cart. Whatever name this classroom on wheels is given, is not nearly as important as what the cart can do  to offer exciting new classroom lessons.

Handling Fresh Produce in Classrooms »
A list of guidelines for school nutrition staff and teachers and aides.

Food Safety Tips for School Gardens »
Schools across the nation are using gardens to help children discover where food
comes from and to develop healthy eating habits.