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Student Recipes can be found at

Many Lessons about food can be downloaded from the Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom website at

Be A Food Explorer – Students will try a variety of unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, research their origins and develop recipes.

Fresh From the Farm – Student learn about farmer’s markets and complete a survey to learn what kinds of produce is grown by local farmers and gardeners.

Fruit or Vegetable – Students explore the difference between fruits and vegetables from different perspectives and develop their own definitions.

How to Pick The Best – Students learn what to look for when selecting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Melon Madness – All about many kinds of Oklahoma melons, with activities.

These Roots Run Deep – All about root vegetables and leafy greens.

Plant Parts We Eat – Students will be introduced to an assortment of vegetables and will learn to locate the parts humans use for food.

Lesson from Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Family and Consumer Sciences Department — Explore the World With Fruits and Vegetables — A game similar to Jeopardy.